Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Holiday Vacation: Chicago

This has been an exceptional vacation. One of the best i've ever had. Nothing makes you appreciate your home like leaving it. I have such an amazing family and it warmed my heart to see them. My nieces and nephews have all grown so much in the last year, both physically and emotionally. It's beautiful. Here are a few pictures of everyone... my siblings and parents posing with the Chinese Embroidery they received.

This picture picture is entitled "Grandpeople".

One of the most interesting things was breaking out old photo albums. I took a picture of this gem, and will now submit it for your approval/heckling. Kindly draw your attention to my mullet and my brother's epic mustache.

We, as a family, really embraced the 80's. I blame my sister Carolyn for telling my this would always be cool.

I'm in Boulder now having an epic time and will follow with another installment sometime soon.

Happy Holidays all!


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