Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pleasanty Surprise

A series of advertisements for a spa in Sanlitun...

Splendid! I don't fully understand your sentence construction, Mr. Sign, but i am intrigued. Could it be electrolysis or photon bombardment? I wouldn't rule them out as a potential Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques. Let's read on...

Wonderful! Exotic, unique decor, designed to please and relax the spirit. Called to the mind are images of tropical waterfalls and babbling streams filled with Japanese Coy, plush lounge chairs, musicians softly plucking lutes, beautiful girls offering hot tea and snacks... an escape from the stresses of the outside world, a sanctum. What more could you possibly offer to seal the deal, O' Spa Of My Dreams?

Surprise! Oh.

Oh my. I'll take the pleasanty suprise of karaoke instead.


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