Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Dog and Baby

Props to Joe for bringing this to my attention while Ace and I were in the back of the cab. They are fantastic. I intend to purchase these for everyone i know. At least, everyone who has either Baby on road or The Dog in car. But let's take a closer look, shall we?

Simply put: awesome. Boundless levels of awesome. For starters, The Dog is green ? Really? The Dog naturally occurs in many colors, but green is never one of them. (well... sure, but that can hardly be called natural.)

Although, it is possible the same freak who put the stupid red bowtie on The Dog also dyed Him green.

Plus, The Dog really looks more like a teddy bear. And given the opulent den of stuffed animals in the window, i'm guessing this is the work of an evil child. Is it possible The Green Dog is related to the other warning...?

My hypothesis: Baby is being punished for It's treatment of The Dog. The story checks out. It certainly explains why The Dog is in car and Baby is on road. It's similar to a time out, only a little more severe.

One might still pose the question, "Why is Baby so evil?". To this i reply, "Clearly, Baby is totally batshit insane." Seriously, when have you seen a baby drinking a bottle of urine that wasn't crazy?

And really, would it have been THAT difficult for them to reverse the white and yellow in the bottle?


P.S. After laying low for a few weeks, i'm now back to my regular posting frequency. Take that, Responsibility!


Anonymous said...

ace needs her own blog....

Anonymous said...

You are obviously suffering from Posting Withdrawal

the 'rents