Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I got a kitten!

And then I gave it to Tao.

A friend at work called me in the morning before work. She said she had a present for me. I got to work and she gave me a box, containing the aforementioned kitten. She found the little guy on the way to work. It's probably a month old. Mewing the most adorable tiny mew a kitten can mew, I felt pangs of sadness for my lost cat, Spanky. I really want a cat of my own out here. Tragically, I can under no circumstances have one. This is not due to apartment regulations or anything. It's solely because the lady whose house i'm living in does not like animals. Even though she doesn't live here, and she probably will never live here again, i can't have one. It's really upsetting, but there's little i can do.

Anyway, this lady was insisting that we take it out side and throw it out behind the building. There's no doubt it would die. It was far to small too survive, so she was basically sentencing it to death. There was no way i could let this happen, so i called up fellow cat-lover, Tao. He agreed to look after kitty for a few months until he returns to the states.

Tao and I decided we would be it's uncles. We let it lose in his apartment. After a lengthy debate, kitty decided to leave the confines of it's box and investigate his new home. He immediately went for the dust-riddled area under the bed. Mewing away, we left it to relax. We headed out and, with little trouble, found soft kitten food, whole milk, and kitty litter. Returning, we poured the dude a bowl of milk and he went to town on it.

We also named him, but not until after frisbee. We both decided on Pi. Somehow, in two separate conversations, we both ended up bringing up "Life of Pi", an absolutely incredible book we both adore. There was no debate and it was clear we had just named our cat.

Tao has taken some videos, and I'll link to those ASAP. We must have posted around the same time, because just as I finished writing mine, he posted his. His post brought tears to my eyes, and that's how much i did not want to give up this sweet kitten, Pi. are the pictures i have to share...


Where am I?

No turning back...


We've done our good deed for the day.



Anonymous said...

Aww! Even I think he's a cutie and that is REALLY saying somethin!

Mike Lu said...

You guys score points for picking out the best hapless-kitty-face evar. :)

I've been crashing here in Seattle with my old roommate who has a persian, been nice to have a cat around.

Heading back to BJ today, see you all soon!

the 'rents said...

Love the Kitten.