Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Food and a Sunset

The food in Beijing is spectacular. Have i mentioned that yet? Yeah. I have. And I will again. It's really good. Every day i go to lunch with 4 or 5 guys from work. From a menu of 100's of options, we select 4 dishes from a rotation of about 8. And it's fantastic.

So yeah, Food. Check this out. This is Hot Pot. It's a pot, both big and hot with fire and steam and spicy peppers, and fish and vegetables, and delicious broth, and you get to select your fish from the fish tank, and then they kill it with their bare hands.

And it's really, really good.

And this is a Fei Bi, or flying pancake. This is a desert with apples, bananas, and Cinnamon. It's also fantastic.

I've also been cooking a lot, and that makes me happy. I like cooking. I also like Chinese food. And we've already established the food here is great. So it follows that i would like cooking Chinese food. I've even tackled the little problem of not having a clue how to cook Chinese food. I make shit up. We named this one Kai Wen Shi Hong Shou Zhu Rou. Which of course is Kevin's Red Stir-Fried Pork. It was really spicy and really good. I also make a mean Pork Fried Rice.

Um, also, the weather has been amazing. Didn't someone say there was pollution in Beijing? I've seen so many blue skies here. And some killer sunsets.



Anonymous said...

Can't wait!

the 'rents

Jenny said...

Kai Wen, I have a language question for you. Do those words that represent your name also mean something else in Chinese? How would one know that they are your name? Tell us more...

kevinreitz said...

Jenny, good question! Kai Wen is really just the closest approximation of my name in Chinese. "V" is a particularly difficult letter for the average Chinese to pronounce.

However, both characters do have meaning. Kai is Victorious, and Wen is Language. No good literal translation, not like my name in Cherokee, Walks With Large Penis.