Monday, September 15, 2008

Post for Rachel

So, I was video skyping with Rachel the other day. Here's Rachel. I took a picture of the video on my computer with my camera, which is hindsight, was a terrible idea. Skype allows you to take high quality snapshots of your video. Stupid! Stupid!

Anyway, Rachel's an odd one. She hates when people use internet shorthand (lol), when people go crazy over short-lived fads, and blogs. I still think she's great, but she has a point. Blogs are very self-indulgent. She kinda refuses to read it, unless i am posting videos of me playing the drums (here's a new one). She posed a very simple question to me, "Why are you blogging?". And i had to think about it, because back in the states my life wasn't nearly interesting enough to warrant a blog.

This started as a simple way to share my experiences living and working in China with family and friends. I remember returning from Spain, having just spent a profoundly moving 6 months and being completely unable to convey just how amazing it was. It was always, "I guess you had to be there." So now i'm in this situation again. Huge adventure, different culture, pretty interesting life. This time, I'm able to take people along with me, as best i can.

But here's what bothers me: this particular post was began chronicling last Saturday... a day of exciting ultimate, followed by a birthday party and a night of beer and bars. I deleted all of it, because that exact day could have easily happened in Boulder or Chicago. For shame Kevin, that's not what the Dim Summary is all about. It's supposed to be about China! And the Chinese! And all the things that you can't find back home! Like this:

This is great! A loveseat, a recliner and a computer strapped on the back of a bicycle cart! I love all the crap the Chinese can fit on their bicycle! I've seen families of 4 riding down the street on a moped; dad driving, mom on the back with daughter in lap, son standing between dad and handle bars. Only in China!

So that's my pledge. I'm going to post when i have things to post about and i'm going to filter out all the routine things, unless they are particularly interesting. For example, the day i spent at Ikea, even though i've never been to an Ikea in my life before now, will not be recapped (except that i bought new pillows and a french press and real coffee... geee! yay!). Next Saturday however, we're renting out a beach to hold a mini beach-ultimate tournament. That will be chronicled. Whether you like it our not.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but I truly enjoy reading all your stories-even if they're not specifically "China" related. I like still feeling like I know how things are going in your life even though we are rarely able to talk.
I say keep the adventures and the stories comin'!
Just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

i agree with KT. i say post whatever and whenever you want. there are no rules to blogging. daily activities (going to ikea) in china is different then going to ikea in the states. Or if it is the same that is interesting too. if someone doesnt like it they dont have to read it!

Jenny said...

Yeah, me too. Maybe you can categorize your posts when they have "unique to China" content. Though, I have to wonder about all your bars and parties. I am SO not the extrovert you are...