Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tuesday Pick-up

I can't remember the last time Tuesday was the best night of the week. I've been talking about Tuesday night pick-up at Deshengmen for a while now. Lately, i've been making a point to come out early and explore the area. Every Tuesday at 8 o'clock a pair of traditional drum and bell bands come out and play in front of Deshengmen. This is Deshengmen:

It's one of the remnants of the old wall around the city. This would be part of the north wall, like a watch tower. Anyway, this is typical of the historic buildings in Beijing. There's so much beauty everywhere you go. Regarding this drum and bell band, a few hundred people come out and listen, dance, commune, even join the band. Free entertainment is everywhere in this city, and everyone seems takes advantage of it in one way or another.

So yeah, we get to play overlooking this every week. Well, i guess it's technically underlooking, since the field is geographically lower. Is it looming in the distance? Is that actually a word? Wikipedia verifies it, but I don't think i've ever written that before. Anyway, here's what it looks like from the field.

Comparing scenic locations for disc, Violet Park in Boulder is a close second. But this is certainly the most enjoyable location i've ever played disc. Even if it is turf, I enthusiastically look forward to my Tuesdays.


UPDATE: Tao has videos of everything. Here's one of Deshengmen. It's pretty good and you can even hear the band in the background.

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