Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Do you bellever?

My co-worker Jordan arrived yesterday with a new shirt. I asked him what it meant. He said he wasn't sure, he just liked the cute bears. In case you can't read the words below...

Do you bellever in destiny
Soul mate

The backside was even more disturbing. I bellever it's the company name, or slogan, or something.

I think it's magnificent how shirt makers here generate new designs. Here's the formula:

  • take a vaguely powerful theme
  • add some words
  • misspell the crap out of it
  • add picture (optional, remember Be Fine Sexy?)

Bam! You've made a shirt! You're rich! For example, here's one i just whipped up:

See? It's easy! I just sold hundreds of them to pay for my trip to Thailand.
And You Can Too! Here's how:
  1. Send me your ideas
  2. I'll pick the ones that aren't total crap
  3. I'll make shirts and sell hundreds of them
  4. We'll go to Thailand together
Ready? Go!

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