Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Thailand: Days 1-3

I've arrived safe, happy, and relaxed. This place is a paradise. It's cheap (lunch from $1-$3), it's beautiful (ideal weather at 78-85F), it's fun (traveling the islands by moped), and it's soothing. Here's a recap, as best i can with short time.

Day 0.5 Arrived Bangkok 10pm. Went to hotel. Had delicious food and a thai massage. Slept.

Day 1. Early flight business class to Koh Samui (Koh means island). Took boat to smaller island of Koh Phangan, pictured below in a photo from the plane.

Found great place to stay, The Chill House. My bungalow had an unobstructed view of my private bay just down the hill. Literally, mine. I would not see another soul down there the entire time i was there. My bungalow is visible in that picture, on the peninsula off to the left. And here's my view.

I just relaxed and visited the island. That night we had a BBQ at the place i was staying. I mixed Rum and Cokes and i shared the cuban cigars i bought at duty free. Furthermore, i played with their four adorable puppies.

And here's me doing my best Hunter S. Thompson impression.

Day 2. Spent most of the morning in my hammock, sleeping, reading (re-reading Life of Pi and loving every page of it. Do yourself a favor and buy it now!). Lunch, some snorkeling, more relaxing. Went our for a fantastic dinner... a Thai BBQ buffet. All the fresh meat, seafood, vegetables, and noodles you could eat for less that $3. You get to cook it yourself over hot coals. Indescribably delicious.

The forecast before i left called for 6 straight days of thunderstorms, but we've only had one, it lasted for 15 wonderful minutes, and left this in it's wake.

Day 3. Just came to Koh Tao this morning. It's about noon. I'm going to begin my Advanced Open Water Scuba Dive Certification... AOWSDC? No, i doubt that acronym means anything. And, that acronym contains an acronym, can you do that? So yeah, i'm going to focus on night diving, navigation, and underwater photography. This is also shark season! They've been spotting 6-9 meter long whale sharks all september. Excellent. Did i mention whale sharks are herbivores? They don't have teeth. Please let there be whale sharks.

Life is good.


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Anonymous said...

Wow-how beautiful! And that puppy is so cute...almost as adorable as mine :)
Sounds like you had a fantabulous time.
Lots of love, T