Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Hospital

I went to the hospital today. I woke up yesterday with the ball of my foot hurting really bad. Small aches and pains are common during ultimate season; you'll wake up with sore limbs and tight joints. No big deal. This was different though, because it was really bad and i was sure i didn't injure it playing over the weekend.

Anyway, yesterday it was bad and today, it was terrible. No visible bruising, but i couldn't put any weight on it. Lydia was great and came by to take me to the hospital. Here are the steps i went through to be treated.
  1. I filled out a form with my name, sex, age, birthday, address and phone number. That was it, and all of it could have been made up. Nothing from my passport, insurance info, history, etc. I thought it strange and wondered how i would submit to my insurance.

  2. Gave the form to registration, they printed me a card to keep for future visits for fast service. Cost: 2 RMB

  3. Took the card to the reception to explain the problem and get an appointment. Paid upfront for the doctor visit. Cost: 4 RMB

  4. Went to see doctor on the 3rd floor in a room called "Traditional Chinese Medicine". He checked my foot, verified no broken bones, determined there were no torn ligaments. Just a bruise. Gave a prescription for some pills for pain and inflammation, and prescribed a shot as well.

  5. Took the prescription to the pharmacy on the first floor in the hospital. We paid for and picked up the medication AND the shot. I've never done this in any hospital before. Cost: 49 RMB

  6. Went back to the 3rd floor (stairs are not your friend when it hurts to walk) and waited for the doctor. We went into a room called "Acupuncture". Within that room, he adminstered the single most painful injection i have ever received in my life, directly into the bottom of my foot. With one of those thick needles, 2 inches long. It was excruciating and i swore at the top of my lungs. Only Lydia fully understood the words, but the doctor could guess the meaning; no one exclaims "hooray" when experiencing mind-numbing pain. Acupuncture my ass. That was just plain puncture. This is a case of the cure being worse than the illness.

  7. Doctors orders are to rest it for a few days and i'll be fine. Also, come back next week for a check up and see if i need another shot. Yeah, no.

There was no other cost for the visit. Total cost was 55 RMB, or about $8. I won't be submitting this one to the insurance company.



Mike Lu said...

You get what you pay for? :)

The Tao said...

oh get off your ass you lazy bum and come to frisbee. you going to sandy's party tmr?