Monday, October 6, 2008

Thailand: Days 4-6

A beautiful sunrise the morning i left Koh Phangan.

I spent about 72 hours on Koh Tao, and 6 of those hours underwater. I completed my advanced open water training with a series of five technical dives (plus two extra fun dives)... night, navigation, deep diving, photography, and multilevel planning. Pretty cool. The deep dive was to about 100 feet and it was a completely different world down there. The current was strong and the flowing debris gave the impression of wind. Down there, watching my dive partners milling around the ocean floor, it felt like we were walking on mars. A completely inhospitable place where man was just not meant to be. Wow. Maybe it was the nitrogen narcosis. Just kidding, i was fine.

One thing i will remember fondly about Thailand was the food. There is an incredible restaurant right next to the dive resort i was at. I ate 6 meals there in three days and never had the same thing twice. Everything they served was gold and everything for $2.

So here's a handful of pictures from the last few days.

p.s. Congrats to me and my 5oth post! Holy crap 5 months goes fast.


Piper said...

Kev: Still living vicariously through your posts, all 50 of them!


Larkin said...

But will you quite smiling already! You're giving the impression that you're having a good time.