Sunday, October 19, 2008

All better

As suddenly as my foot stopped working, it rebounded. I took it easy all week, and skipped all things ultimate. Limped around work, even partook in a two-day work trip to Tianjin. Visited seven factories in two days, lots of walking. I was sore. We returned friday night and on the two hour ride back to Beijing, i slept. When i woke up, we were home and i got out of the car. No pain. I walked to the supermarket, got some groceries, cooked dinner and went the bed early. My foot wasn't a 100%, but i was walking with minimal issue.

I decided to go to Big Brother practice saturday morning, early. Woke at 6:30 and after fighting the urge to return to sleep, i dragged myself out of bed. Walking to the bus stop, the pain returned. I went anyway. Practice was good, but i was slow, and very conscious of issues. I was back to limping after practice... but on the other foot. At some point i realized my left foot no longer hurt, and it was the right that was sore from a week of overcompensating.

Later that same day, i went to a second practice. This one was for Beijing Bang, the Chinese team (as opposed to ex-pat) i'm playing with now. I felt 100% on both feet. I have no explanation for this recovery, other than i just needed to get off my ass and work out whatever was hurting. I wonder if any of it was psychological. It's sunday night and there's no trace of pain in either foot.

Saturday night we had a pajama party. We headed out to Nan Lou Gu Xiang bar street in full nighttime attire. We amused many people. I sported a $15, matching two piece getup i found at a department store. It was straight out of a bad 70's movie., and i love it.

Also: i am mustachioed these days.


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