Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Patience Grasshopper

You are too eager, little Grasshopper. It is clear that the anticipation is killing you, no pun intended. But you must exercise restraint. You must control your emotions and slow your mind. Only then can you allow the inevitable future to happen, at a natural pace.

Many of your friends before you have already been selected. They were delicious. Like you, they were lightly stir-fried and then generously salted. Your time, too, is approaching. While ineffective, your enthusiasm is most intriguing. You desire to literally jump on the plate, tiny arms outstretched. Do you forget you are already dead? Because you are. And you are also delicious. Don't worry, soon you too will be eaten.

So yeah, went to a small town yesterday for a supplier visit. We drove around for an hour looking for a restaurant, but at 2pm, they were all closed. We returned to the factory and enjoyed a home-cooked, 8 course meal. Main courses included shrimp, meatball soup, noodles, fried grasshoppers and baijiu. As their honored foreign guest (i suspect they don't get many here), they toasted me repeatedly with 57% baijiu. Basically grain alcohol. It was painful, and frisbee was fantastic last night!

On the plus side, the grasshoppers were delicious. I would not hesitate to try them again.


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