Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Budding of a new Addiction

Saturday night was chill. I met denise for pizza at a great bar with a healthy selection of beers. I enjoyed a Chimay and she sampled a Kriek, two delicious belgian treats. That may end up being a dangerous place for me. I can see myself sidling up to the bar for a few hours for some pizza and 300RMB worth of killer beer. Which sounds unfathomable to anyone accustomed to the chinese currency, but it's really just about $40.

Here's denise, a little skeptical of my camera.

So yeah, the beer wasn't the new addiction i was referring to. After dinner, she took me to one of Beijing's notorious DVD cellars. We walked in and browsed the front area. The selection was worthless. Not a single movie i was interested in, and very few i even recognized. We asked what the deal was. The dude led us to the back room where a half dozen foreigners browsed photo-albums with pictures of DVDs in there. They had everything. Because of the olympics, they were forced to be a little more cautious about how they display their merchandise. Once in there, you just make a list and they go off and fetch everything. Nice. Here's my booty from the adventure.

Nine movies and the entire second season of 30 Rock for 112RMB ($15).

So far, they all work perfectly, Dolby surround sound works, the bonus features are in tact, the DVDs are laser printed and clean, and the packaging is REALLY nice. The good news is, even if i really go nuts and buy a 100 DVDs, it's still going to only be $100.

Any requests?



Anonymous said...

I love the Chimay! I've had a couple of those in my day and in fact, liked it so much I had to "borrow" the Chimay beer glass from the bar I was at.
Nice find with the movie store--just saw Juno last week. I think you'll like it. Take care.

Greg said...

30 Rock is awesome. I didn't know the 2nd season was out yet?