Wednesday, November 12, 2008

NO Lingering!

Merriam-Webster offers the following definitions for "linger":

1: to be slow in parting or in quitting something
2: to remain alive although gradually dying
3: to be slow to act: procrastinate
4: to move slowly: saunter
These are all acceptable to me. And as they actually meant to say loitering, there's room for a little interpretation. But i do believe the entire population of the country of China owes me an explanation for Good God!? what are these people doing here?

In particular, Citizens of China, i'd like you to explain to me what persistent problems influenced this sign, because this is not how people generally loiter. However, from what i've witnessed thus far in China, here are the most likely everyday situations.
  • One guy is doing some emergency maintenance on his tiny truck. The other guy is mid-saunter. Neither are actually guilty of lingering.
  • One guy is vomiting into a baby stroller. The other is doing the Moonwalk, possibly in celebration. Both drank too much baijiu. Linger potential high.
  • One guy is late on a debt and is begging for mercy. The other is going to register his disappointment with a savage beating using an RC racecar. If this is happening too often, i suggest a sign is not a sufficient remedy. (It's possible i saw this on Sopranos, and not actually on the streets of China.)

But seriously, yeah, tiny trucks are common, there is a fair amount of vomit on the sidewalks on any given morning and i've personally witnessed violence since being here.


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lunaticlee said...

dude,keep your eyes on signs, still tons of funny translation problems awaiting for your mention~~ Rico