Tuesday, November 18, 2008

6 months in The Jing

Well, my personal 6 month anniversary of being in The Jing (as the ex-pats lovingly refer to it), passed without notice. I only just realized today, 6 months + 1 week after arrival. Obviously, it doesn't really mean anything. We love to add milestones to commemorate things just to have an excuse to celebrate. It's like when you ask someone on their birthday if they feel any older, the answer is almost invariably "No".

Anyway, Frisbee is winding down... we had our last two days of outdoor this weekend, and tonight is the final Tuesday pickup. We'll continue to have some indoor (which i've never played before), but it's not the same. Larry has returned to the states for the the winter, leaving me with the reigns at the office. The last of the temporary students are preparing to leave next month. The cold, bleak winter looming, threatening to drain the spirits.

I usually look forward to winter, specifically fireplaces, coffee on pearl street, gentle snowfall at my house, and snowboarding. But I imagine these next 3 months would be among the most trying of my time here.

That is, if I didn't already have my ticket for the holidays! Christmas in Chicago, NYE in Colorado, and my birthday in California... 18 days total.

Ok. Tragedy averted. I will now return to enjoying The Jing, already in progress.


UPDATE: It's 19 degrees (F) tonight. And yes, i'm going to play me some frisbee.


Anonymous said...

is that 19c or 19f?

Jenny said...

Re: indoor frisbeee. If you're in a space like a HS gym, you can get some wicked bank shots off the walls. Watch out for floor burn (unless you're a former volleyball player).