Thursday, November 20, 2008

Let's talk about the weather, shall we?

Sometimes for fun i'll check the weather back home(s) and compare with Beijing. From what i can tell, the weather here is fairly predictable. There are few dramatic changes, and looking at the average monthly temperatures, it doesn't hit either extreme very often. Sure, we are blessed with sandstorms that keep everyone inside for hours at a time, but that's only for a few months in the spring.

Here's the current snapshot. Not too bad, a nice mild fall. Whoa, overcast on Sunday! Better prepare the sweatshirt! We may get another day of outdoor ultimate after all.

A quick look at Chicago tells me there are certainly colder places this time of year...

And then in Boulder we can see a pleasant week of oh sweet Jesus help us all the apocalypse is coming!!

Seriously? Ice Pellets? You guys need to sacrifice more tofurkeys to mother nature.


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Jenny said...

Sacrificing tofurkeys or snow dance to the spirits...