Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mad Men Party

Why do we look so stunning? Saturday was the Lisa and Tim's Mad Men party, based off the TV show on AMC. You only need to watch one episode to understand the basic premise: the show features advertising executives in the 1960's, captures the style and culture of the times, and portrays men at work, women as secretaries or housewives, and lots of gossip. Also drinking. There is plenty of drinking.

Always eager to hit Ya Show for a new suit or dress, therese and i were understandably excited for this party. We each bought a new outfit for 300 RMB, around $85 for the two of us. And damn, we looked good. Therese even got her hair done.

The party itself was fantastic. The bar was serving era-appropriate drinks like Manhattans, Tom Collins, Screwdrivers, and Sidecars. The attendees were classy, well dressed, and well mannered. In college, my favorite kind of party was always a cocktail party. This was no exception.

A few awards:
  • Best Hair: Nina (first picture below)
  • Most Creative: Jehan (a waiter, also wins Best Sense of Humor for that one.)
  • Best Looking in My Hat: Hsing Hui (she always steals my fedoras.)
  • Most Likely to Actually Pass as the Cast of Mad Men, Until You Hear His English Accent: Warren. (side note: could also pass for Dilbert)
  • Best Finger Food: Tied, Ellen's Bacon Wrapped Pineapple, or Hsing Hui's Pita with Josh's Mexican Queso Dip. (I was drunk and ate a lot of each.)
  • Most Creepy: Jeff (He got kicked out for "leering.")
  • Most Gorgeous: Therese (no question)
  • Best Suit: Me (Hey, i'm making the awards)
The outfits turned out pretty great... Enjoy the pics!

Joe and Jim posing in front of some Mad Men.

Hsing Hui making my hat look good AND ruining my serious pose.

Therese and Warren

Mike and Divya

Ellen and Lisa, the host, with Tim in the background.

Good times.


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