Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy Five One

Therese and i both desperately needed a break, and this weekend we are getting one. This is from my GChat status on friday:
i just want a lazy 3-day weekend with no traveling, a gourmet dinner on friday, movies relaxing with my girlfriend, the option to sleep in, slow breakfast and coffee, a little bit of frisbee and exercise, some really cheap drinks saturday night, some beer fris in chaoyang park, bike rides to nanlouguxiang, maybe alice in wonderland in 3-D, some hiking somewhere awesome, no real obligations and certainly no work. is that really so much to ask?
I immediately learned it is not, in fact, too much to ask. So far, everything is coming true. This weekend is the May Day holiday in China, locals wish each other "Wu Yi Kuai Le" or Happy May 1st (Lit. Five One Happy). We had an awesome gourmet month meal at Ganges Indian, then slept in, then had a hard workout with Big Brother on saturday followed by two hours of one kuai Mojito Martinis at Fubar. Then today, we slept in again, met some friends for brunch on the patio of La Taverne, and are preparing to hit Chaoyang Park for picnic, frisbee games, and sun enjoyment.

The weather this weekend almost couldn't be better. It's a perfect 82F, a light breeze, and a little sun. I guess the only downside is that the trees are in mating season. Nina was telling us that Beijing decided to plant a bunch of trees a few years ago to help the scenery. Someone failed to research the trees they chose and these cottonwood trees spawn billions of cotton balls every spring. They cover the landscape, obstruct your vision, and latch onto all your mucous membranes. Today at brunch, it didn't even seem real. It was just like sitting in a Colorado snowstorm, but we were all in t-shirts.

Pictures and a short video. Nina, Ellen, Warren, Therese and I at La Taverne.

It's a good thing i'm not allergic to pollen.


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