Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Housewarming and Birthday Party

Therese got older this weekend and we are finally feeling settled in the new pad. We decided to throw a big party Saturday night and invite everyone over to help trash the place. Ayi is out of town for a few weeks too, and the place was a mess, which meant WE needed to clean OURSELVES. The horror!

All week long, Therese reminded me that i need to help her clean the place for the party. Everyday, in fact. However, since i'm a great boyfriend, i decided to go one step further. She got to spend the afternoon at the spa while joe and i went all apeshit on the many layers of accumulated dirt and filth. Actually, the decision to clean was truly excellent when you consider to following:
  1. Joe and i like each other and have a long history of exchanging good deeds.
  2. Everyone else spent the day at Argueball 2010. We don't like argueball. (Although apparently, this year boasted 30% less arguing. Still...)
  3. I don't mind cleaning AND it was an easy but appreciated birthday present.
  4. Our house was pretty filthy.
So we did all that and prepped for the party. I whipped up an awesome batch of guacamole for the early arrivals... behold the new pad:

We had no beer available, but plenty of cocktails. We offered black and white russians, fine scotch, rum and tequila, strong and delicious mojitos, sangria, wine, and various flavors of daiquiri: strawberry, mango, strawberry-mango, and strawberry-papaya.

People got drunk and Tao/Baby Girl ridiculousness ensued. Two highlights:

The Elbow Drop.
Tao decided it would be a great idea if, while Baby Girl was resting in the middle of the floor, he climbed up on our couch and dropped an Atomic Elbow (?) on BG. BG, always eager to please, held still for Tao. Tao lept off, slipped immediately on the slick wooden floor, and missed his target completely. He's lucky he didn't hurt himself, or we would have had to kick his

The Wrestling.
The Atomic Elbow failure wasn't enough to sate Tao's desire to wrestle. He later confronted Baby Girl and wrestled him. This may look like harmless fun to the casual observer...

... but all i could see was fifty-five gallons of turtle tank water spilling into every corner of our awesome new apartment, and the endless hours of work required to clean it up. Bad Tao. No fighting Baby Girl near the turtle tank. You get a time out.
Tao does not like time-outs.

In other news:

  • Therese likes cake!
  • And music is music to muse's ears. Who's a good kitty.



The Tao said...

Happy birthday Therese!

And for the record, the water tank was safe.

Anonymous said...


ur new place looks awesome!!

tao... is just tao! can't wait to see u all in shanghai! :0

Drew Watts said...

Such a beautiful house! We have also shifted to a new place and it is my daughter’s birthday next week, so for that I booked a convention center because the house is a real mess right now. But, obviously the house warming party will just be like this one. A sweet and simple one!