Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beer Fris

I've received less than dozens upon hundreds* of e-mails asking for more information about Beer Fris, how it is played, where it can be played, and who are the awesomest players around.

Thanks for taking an interest, faithful readers. Here's a quick tutorial, featuring Michael "The Chait" Chaitkin and Myself, who happen to be two of Beijing's awesomest players. I think you'll find playing Beer Fris is easy, and can be played anywhere beer and frisbees are found.

  • One Frisbee
  • Plenty of Beer
  • Four players
  • Two plastic bottles- full 16 oz Gatorades work well, as do water bottles.
  • One cup
Setup and Gameplay
  • Place the two bottle 8-10 meters apart.
  • Fill a cup of beer with a few ounces and place it off to the side, an equal distance from each team.
  • Teams take turns trying to knock the other teams bottle down with the disc. Knocking it over is one point.
  • Once a player knocks the defenses bottle over, his teammate runs and picks up the frisbee and throws it back to the original thrower. He then tries to mack the disc into their own bottle, knocking it over. If they succeed, they get an extra two points.
  • WHILE the offensive teammate is running to the disc, a person from the other team runs to the beer, drinks it, and then tries to defend the mack throw from the center of the playing field.
  • Repeat until one team reaches 11 points. Switch sides at 6 points.
Photos by Omar Pandoli
[Above] Teams: Geoff Ng and Red-Head Kev VS. The Chait and Me.
[Below Left] The Chait and Me, waiting for opponents to throw.
[Below Right] The Chait just hit, i'm throwing back for the two-pointer... no defense in sight.

[Below] I've just hit, The Chait is throwing back, and Redhead Kev is about to layout for the D. I believe he gets it.

Final Score of this game: 13-6. The Chait and i hit a three-pointer at 10-6. This began our reign of dominance over the weekend, which saw us defeating Tao three times, and ending undefeated with a record of 4-0.

Um, I guess Jono and Sam Berry are the original inventors of Beer Fris. They brought it to China in 2008 when they lived in Kunming until mid 2009. They dominated the game and were unbeatable at 2009 Kunming Hat Tournament, where i first learned to play.

[Photo by Tao] Kevin being celebrated for his efforts and accomplishments in the Beer Fris Community.


*Actual e-mails received: zero. But everyone was thinking it.

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