Friday, September 26, 2008

Fall in Beijing and Beach Ultimate

The last two days here have been glorious. Three days ago it was miserable, rainy and cold. But the last two days, wow. Beautiful. Fall is here, and everyone says it's the most beautiful time of the year in Beijing. The additional rainfall cleans the air, leaving blue skies and crisp, 60-75 degree days. It's times like this the city endears me to no end.

Here's a picture from yesterday...

... and today.
Also, three pictures from the beach tournament last weekend. Tao with an amazing layout and me setting up for a bid on an errant disc.

Not much to recap though; it was fun, there was no lake, so it was more like "sand pit ultimate", but it was fun. We got a keg, and that was nice too. For more on it, check out this video of the last point and Tao's recap of the action. I especially like this black and white picture he took of me holding a beer. I need to learn that trick.


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