Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dear Blog

If you've followed the Dim Summary since the beginning, you know Tao. He's a good dude, and we've had many adventures together so far. We are also competing Beijing bloggers, sometimes vying to recount the same experience either first, most accurately, or just flat out best. We like to think of our blogs as complementary rather than competing, but there's a small aspect of competition anyway.

We write quite differently though and have different, although somewhat overlapping, audiences. I, for example, started this to update my family and friends back home. This includes my seven nieces and nephews (hi there, beloved spawn of my siblings!), so i've been limiting my profanity to "Crap". Which has worked out pretty well. Tao, on the other hand, has no such restrictions on content or language.

And Tao is without question the more prolific blogger; he has four blogs and updates them all regularly. I feel good when i do two a week. However, i submit to you Exhibit A below. Tao labels each post about things that are in it. If for example, you want to see all his blog posts about the Olympics, you can just click that one for a list of all those posts.

Check out his labels, ordered by frequency:

I am the 11th most frequently labeled "thing" on Heart of Beijing right above Chris Boehner, Baijiu, Poetry, Sex, Cats, and Time Travel. That's some pretty good company; I happen to know these are some of his absolute favorite things, his muses, if you will. Well, maybe not Chris.

Therefore, i propose to the ladies and gentlemen of the blogosphere that I am, in fact, a more important muse to Tao then Cats, Sex, Poetry, and Baijiu. Not combined, of course. Tao's insatiable love of Baijiu + Cats, and Poetry + Cats is legendary and also [insert bestiality joke here].

Discuss. Or don't. Whatever.


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The Tao said...

haha, awesome. You'll be climbing the ranks after this one...