Friday, April 3, 2009


So there's this building next to my apartment. It's the new apartment going up in our complex. They've been working on it since long before i got here, and it's been pretty slow. Last month, they took down the bamboo scaffolding which was encasing it.

There was also a 10-ft tall brick wall in front of the work area until recently. This brick wall terrified me because it smelled like crap. My hypothesis is, it was a convenient place for the workers to relieve themselves while being sheltered from the streets view. The base of the brick wall was rotted away with a green sludge. It had slowly seeped through into the sidewalk, staining it with foul organic matter. I had to walk by this sludge everyday on the way home from work. I didn't dare walk within a 30 foot (10 meter) radius of the aforementioned sludge, so I would cross the street, even though i would have to cross back just a minute later.

Last week, the wall came down. Workers toiled for a few days in what i knew was a place of evil. The men came with no heavy machinery and used crowbars and pick-axes to tear it apart. The women loaded the debris and pedaled it away in bike carts.

Now this area is a sidewalk. It doesn't smell anymore and the sludge is buried under concrete. But it doesn't matter. I still cross the street on the way home.


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