Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A good weekend

Therese was chatting with her mom on Skype and i overheard her talking about this blog. She said something like, "Yeah, we checked it out. And it really IS dim... there's barely anything about you in it."

Well, fortunately, this weekend was pretty much all about Ace. Her 30th birthday was on Saturday, which is a pretty big birthday anyway, but even more so when you're getting settled into a new city. We kicked off the extravaganza with a Friday night surprise party at Kro's and the best pizza in Beijing. Fifteen or so showed up for the fun. (Many thanks to Joe for reserving the table and Chris for getting there early.)

No dinner party is complete without a good antagonizing/beating/torturing of Tao. And this party was ripe with it. Notice the red capped bottle of baijiu Tao is hiding in the first picture. He deserves all the beatings he gets.

Joe actually ran and leapt over the table, landing in Tao's lap. I'm not sure what the purpose was (a rare dual purpose beat/torture?) but it was pretty spectacular and skillfully executed.

Saturday was both lazy and productive. After a rare morning of sleeping in, i made french toast with a fruit salad and fresh coffee, a worthy birthday breakfast.

Then we got our memberships at the Gym downstairs... we're both pretty excited to start getting in there. On our way to get her birthday present, we decided to buy her a bike as well. Which is great, because Beijing by bike beats buses, barely. And then her actual birthday present, which was something she wanted for a while, a haircut plus the professional straightening. Four hours worth of it.

I hereby present: the new Ace, freshly coming off of completing her 3rd decade of revolving around the sun on this glorious planet and psyched up for hitting the fourth decade with silky, manageable hair boasting increased aerodynamics...

She looks really good.


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