Friday, March 20, 2009

Mistranslations and Sesame Street

By now, you must know i love hilariously awful English translations. I delight in how such glaring mistakes pass through even the lowest levels of editing. Today, i kid you not, I saw one of those 15 foot tall green road signs that said "5th Rnig Rd - 8km ahead". Honestly people!

But tonight, i found one that wins. It requires no introduction or additional commentary, but i'll add a little anyway. It stands alone as an incomprehensible and surreal smattering of words. It's like someone took all the buzzwords known to the hand soap industry, poured them into a paragraph, added a few obscure ones (turgescence? really?) and called it a day. There isn't a coherent thought in this description. Click on it if it's too small to read here...

So that was great.

Also... my new musical goal in life: I need to start a Sesame Street cover band. Therese has been relearning children's songs for teaching English and we spent the morning listening to these amazing grooves on youtube.

Disco Frog:

Number 7:


Who's with me?


P.S. "Octogon!"

Tee hee... "Eight Glorious Sides! Eight Stunning Angles!"

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Jenny said...

Have you seen this one?