Monday, March 9, 2009

Ace and the First Week

This week has been good, but i've been too busy to really sit down and recap it. Between having Therese here (or "Ace", as she was nicknamed by Jeff) and a particularly intense week of work, it's been full tilt. The short version is, i'm really happy. It's great having her here and exploring the city all over again. A fresh set of eyes notices things mine usually miss. I have a renewed sense of adventure as well. We've tried new restaurants and shops near our house, ones that i was intimidated to attempt without a partner in crime. There is strength in numbers. I am much more adventurous with practicing Chinese as well, and she picked up the survival phrases quickly. It's been pretty cool living together so far. Having never actually lived with a girlfriend before, i have nothing to compare to. But this feels good. Really good.

Saturday was wonderful and we took advantage of the pleasant weather. We met Joe and Amy for breakfast at Chef Too, which is very expensive by Beijing standards (about $10 per person). However, the quality of the food is exceptional by American standards. The Huevos Rancheros, French Toast, and Pancakes are all amazing. Free coffee and attentive, friendly service round it off to earn my vote for Best Breakfast in Beijing.

We spent the rest of the day shopping for random things around town, things we cannot easily acquire on our side of town. We found an Indian grocery and stocked up on curry and spices to expand our culinary options at home. We also found fresh mint, which we purchased for Mojito's that evening. Four of us finished a bottle of rum in about an hour, leaving us primed for a good night out. Jeff and I had a late night practice session with the band and we all met up for some live music before calling it a great end to an awesome day.

Ace foldin some clothes.


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