Monday, December 8, 2008

A Farewell BCD and Yin's Birthday

A Buoyancy Control Device is a vest that allows you to neither sink nor float while scuba diving. For the Beijing Expats however, the BCD is a Boozy Chinese Dinner, and it has become an impressive part of Beijing nightlife. There have been a dozen since i've been living here, and Friday night, we sent off Julia and Reid in style. They are two of my closest friends in Beijing, and they are leaving for Portland after over 3 years of residency. Their enthusiasm and contagious joy will be hard to replace.

However, in a split second of lost focus, i managed to delete about 70 pictures from my camera before i realized what was happening. I quickly pulled the plug from the camera and saved the remaining 56, most from the following night. I am devastated by the loss of so many memories. There are two great pictures of Reid and Julia, looking fantastic. There's Jim with his pink wig full of chopsticks. There's a group picture that would have made the Best Of folder. Instead, i only have this picture to commemorate the night, aptly titled "The Damage":

We had forty people and three tables at this restaurant, our usual location. We played Drink Ball and put down case after case of Yanjing. It's amazing how thoroughly we destroy this room everytime we come here. Yet they still love us. Rowdy patrons are not uncommon among the Chinese, and as foreigners we are all the more entertaining to them.
The after party kept me out until about 5:30, where margaritas, foosball, dancing, and 4am burritos entertained us. I slept on a couch and had a breakfast of Steak and Eggs. It would have been the perfect hangover cure, had i not felt great already.

Saturday night was Yin's birthday party. The restaurant decor was cozy and they had a bunny. Here are some pictures from the restaurant.

And some portraits of the lovely ladies that accompanied us to the afterparty at Absentia, this upscale Russian bar. Introducing Yin (the birthday girl), Grace and Amy (Yin's roommates) and Helen:

Another good weekend. I'm really enjoying the Beijing nightlife here and it's given me 3 consecutive weekends out until 5 am. I haven't enjoyed really going out late like this in years, maybe since Spain. I'm used to bars in the states closing around 1am. This is a refreshing change of pace and makes me feel more connected to the city. After all, Beijing's heart beats differently past midnight.

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The Tao said...

Impressive. To make up for your lost pictures, how bout I send you the 70 pictures I took of my cat here in Kansas, because THERE IS NOTHING ELSE TO DO.