Tuesday, December 16, 2008

TG, TB, TN: Special Home Edition!

I've done a few of these in the past, but it's been awhile. I've been thinking a lot about my apartment, so here's a special The Good, The Bad, and The Neutral about my Pad.

  • ridiculous shower and my bed
  • heated hardwood floors
  • aircon/heater in each room
  • freakin sweet TV and surround sound
  • maid service
  • free!

A few of these are obvious. I enjoy not paying anything, the entertainment system is really sweet, and the maid five times a week is übernice. The heated hardwood floors are especially luxurious. But let me direct you towards My Ridiculous Shower. This thing is the height of just-too-muchery. It offers overhead rain, wall sprays, and detachable nozzle options, jacuzzi functions, a radio/CD player, built-in fogless mirror, three different lighting settings and it makes delicious coffee. Just kidding, i've never figured out how the CD player works, but there's a button to turn it on.


  • no foreign conveniences
  • las cucarachas (in the microwave!)
  • questionable kitchen
  • no pets

Yeah, it unfortunate that the nearest foreign supermarket is 4 subway stops away, but i pass by it every time i go out. I stock up on the essentials and get the rest of it near home. But i am not a fan of cockroaches. They range in size from fleas to ants to crickets, and i kill them all with reckless abandon. But they cannot be stopped. They come in through all the crappy construction behind the counters and appliances. I suspect the whole complex, neigh, city is infested with this kind of problem. The other day, i was using the microwave and there was one inside the little LED display where the numbers are. Blargh!

NEUTRAL: Location

I've thought about this a lot... i have an 8 minute walk to work but my friends are on the exact opposite side of town. Would i rather the alternative? Walking distance of my friends, near the bars and good restaurants, near where everyone speaks at least a little English... and then commuting one hour to work everyday? Maybe. But as it is, i end up spending every Friday night on someones couch or spare bed anyway, so i guess i have the best of both worlds.


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Jenny said...

When I was in Russia, they had this thing called kitaiskii mel which means chinese chalk. It is used for keeping cockroaches out of your house. You draw a line on your thresholds (doors, windows, places with cracks) and the buggers don't dare to cross, I was told. I'm assuming that it is some sort of highly caustic substance which burns the feet of the roaches, ants, spiders, whatever else. I'm not sure if that prevents them from crossing, or whether it incapacitates them once they do. In any case, since you're in Kitai, it seems like you ought to be able to find some kitaiskii mel, no?