Friday, December 19, 2008

I always thought I was a Horse...

If you were born in January and you used the placemat at your local Chinese Restaurant to figure out your Zodiac sign, you may have been misled. The zodiac uses the Chinese calendar, and the Chinese new year happens between late January and early February . This means i am not a Horse born in 1978, i'm a Snake born in 1977. It's like my whole world had been torn asunder. Plus i lost a beer on this bet. Snakes are vengeful and hold grudges, so watch your back, Zodiac!

Related story, i asked lydia when her birthday is. She replied that this year, her birthday was on January 1st. See, her birthday follows the Chinese Calendar, and thus, is a different day each year on our calendar. If you think it's hard to remember birthdays now, what if they changed every year!

In other news, i've been missing the drums a lot. Before i left, Jiva Train was looking at a very bright future. We were booking mountain gigs, touring, actually making money, and having a fantastic time doing it. Our music was the best it's ever been. That was actually the hardest thing to leave behind.

So i've started jamming with some friends here and we went to an open mic night. It was spectacular. A dozen friends came out and our little trio took that stage over. Afterwards, the owners expressed interest in having us play a full show there. I also made some good contacts with other musicians for more opportunities. My little musicless Chinese Universe is almost complete! Yay!

Finally, i'm just about ready to come home for a few weeks. Chicago for Christmas, Colorado for NYE, Santa Cruz for my birthday! If you are in one of these places, find me!

Signing off, for now... i'll probably check back during the holidays.



Jenny said...

So does this mean that Lydia is older or younger than those of us who use the solar calendar?

kevinreitz said...

Sometimes, Jenny. Sometimes.