Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jīn Wǔ Xīng

This Saturday was great. I met Reid, Julia and Corey for an amazing dumpling brunch. I will take you, yes, YOU, to this restaurant when you come to visit me. They have these exquisite fried dumplings which apparently can only be found at this restaurant. All places have steamed and boiled dumplings, but the fried ones are a rarity. Feast your eyes!

Then we headed to Jīn Wǔ Xīng market (Golden Five Star) for a day of shopping. It's like a flea market crossed with a department store. You have to bargain for everything, which is awesome. You can find clothing, housewares, electronics, furniture, tools, art, doors, windows, plumbing, lighting... literally anything but food. Oh, and they have food.

Chinese chickens say Tok Tok...

... and Chinese babies ride (or wrestle?) enormous fish. Presumably this is why most never learn how to swim.

Calculator City!

Seriously. How many functions does a toilet need? This thing takes ass-pampering to a whole new level.

A fantastic trip, on which i bought the following:

  • Awesome Ray Ban sunglasses
  • A shoulder bag (more common than backpacks in China)
  • 6 Ping Pong balls
  • A leather belt
  • Cement hooks for hanging pictures
  • Two sweet pictures for my apartment
  • Christmas gifts

Yay shopping!



The Tao said...

so you're getting ready to host beer pong, eh?

And those toilets are so standard in Japan it's scary.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to go to that restaurant! Looks deliciouso...yum.