Friday, January 9, 2009

Holiday Vacation: Colorado

This Colorado trip was one of the greatest vacations in recent memory. My first day there reminded me of why i love Boulder so much: 65F, a few beautiful clouds in the sky, gentle breeze... all this in December. This is boulder in the winter:

After breakfast at Lucile's with Therese (similar to Tres in spanish), i spent the day wandering Pearl Street in the sunshine. I paused for a killer Chai and a good book at The Cup and commemorated my peaceful moment thusly...

Next: a walk along Boulder Creek to feed the ducks and take in some nature.

Therese's roommate has cool salamanders.

Boulder night sky.

The mountains driving to Steamboat and the sunset to welcome us.

And..... meet Therese! We spent the whole week together and went to Steamboat with my friends for NYE. We have some history together from back in boulder. We dated for a while and parted ways for a few years, but something really clicked during this week. I don't think we know exactly what it is yet, but i'm happy and she's planning on moving to Beijing in the Spring, which is a pretty huge deal. More on that as it develops...

So i'm back in the Jing now and happy to be here. I'm well rested from a good vacation. One of my new year resolutions is to start taking proper Chinese classes. Another is to finally join the gym down the road... that one is kinda intimidating, but it has to happen. All things considered, this is going to be a brilliant year.


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