Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rest and Relaxation

...were completely out of the question this weekend. After the most stressful week of work yet, I was ready to let go. This particular weekend passed in a ridiculous frenzy. I slept a total of, humminahummina... 7 hours between friday and saturday nights. Although, i took a few naps that would make my dad envious.

It's started off simply enough with dinner near Sanlitun with the always lovely steph. We went to this noodle bar with a wonderfully simple decor. This place was so inviting, soft lighting, and friendly staff. With a max occupancy of 10 and the barstools flanking the kitchen on 3 sides, it was reminiscent of a sushi place. The noodles were made by hand and cooked to order. You order noodles; They start making them. They were even better then they sound. After dinner we treated ourselves to some ridiculous mango ice cream.
Turns out it's actually called noodle bar. Lowercase even.

Steph and I headed hung around in a nearby plaza for a while. We admired the moon and made fun of the people camped out inside (literally: tents) the apple store. They were waiting for the newest iSomething. I also practiced something i learned at my camera class on weds: panning! See photos below, aptly entitled Rubic's Cube Moon and Panning with Steph.

Steph left me and I went to meet denise, my date for the bars that evening. We met at the rooftop of Kokomo, and the downpour that afternoon made the night crisp and clean. The music was Brazilian and Latin, just about my favorite, and a big step up from my hotel jukebox. I have only taken one picture of denise to date, and tragically, it was inside a dance club later that night. With low light and no foresight to add flash, the result is this...
... which is too bad because she looked stunning.

We stayed out until 3am when i abruptly realized I was meeting a friend from work in the morning. At 8 am. In five hours. After grabbing a cab i got home at 4 and awoke at 7. I managed to e-mail for work at both of those times as well. My colleague in California got them and responded immediately with something like "DON'T YOU EVER SLEEP?" Sadly the answer this weekend would be no.

Lydia and I met at the subway early and made it to the Summer Palace around 11. It's within Beijing proper, but it still takes over an hour to get there. Have I mentioned Beijing is big? Anyway- you can read a little about the Summer Palace here. It's pretty spectacular. The buildings are designed to give you really cool perspectives of the palace from different angles. The whole thing surrounds a large, man-made lake and the most prominent buildings rise up on the hillside. Maybe the pictures do justice, but seeing it live is another story.

Lydia trying to decipher the map.

These flowers were amazing. They are probably 15 inches across, which makes the lillypad leaves over 2 feet wide. Strangely huge and very cool.

More cool shots.

A couple of Lydia and I.

Now just Lydia.

And me... courtesy of Lydia learning my camera.

Special Bonus: Keveyes. (term coined by Josh... where are you?)


Greg said...

Steph, Denise, Lydia..... play on playa. Reminds me of a young Greg while living in Beijing.

Anonymous said...

the one and only keveyes...are they seductive or frightening?? we'll never know, as in the instant you see them, it's too late...como te va china, kevino??

Anonymous said...

Nice shot and Nice girl. :)
Nice mood and Nice day.
Nice hill and nice lake.