Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Fly and the Drumstick

It was hot, and although I had mostly found shade to walk under, it was hot. I rewarded my endurance in the Beijing sun with an ice cream drumstick, strawberry. And I learned a valuable lesson: never eat ice cream in Beijing when it's windy. I was getting down to where the ice cream meets the cone, but there was still a good bulb on top. It was excruciatingly delicious. But the wind gusted and before I could protect my ice cream, debris was pelting me. When the chaos subsided, I knew i could not finish my ice cream, but for a moment I considered. Until I saw the fly on the far side of where the ice cream meets the cone. No more ice cream for Kev. But still, I couldn't help wonder how this fly ended up there. I presume flies experience the world much slower than we do. Regardless, this fly must have been moving at 60 mph. I imagined this little guy screaming through the air, wind at his little fly-butt, tiny legs outstretched to receive his prize, exclaiming "This is my greatest achievement!". OK little buddy, you can keep it. Into the garbage you both go.

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