Monday, July 28, 2008

Bachelor Pad

If anyone is as anxious as I was to see what my new pad looks like... you'll be thrilled. It's pretty sweet. Three bedrooms, two bath, a little kitchen, 50" flat screen TV with surround sound, nice view, a little indoor patio like a sunroom, a luxury jacuzzi/shower with overhead rain and jets and built-in fogless mirror and radio and, um, yeah. The shower is sweet. But hard to photograph.

Here's the view when you first walk in. Dining room ont the immediate right, living room straight ahead. First sunroom all the way at the far side.

View looking back the other direction, from the sunroom.

View looking out of the master bedroom. Three doors from left to right are spare bedroom/refridgerator room, kitchen, and 2nd bedroom/office.

Kitchen, not bad. Microwave, gas range, all the utensils i need. Traditionally, the kitchen is not the focal point of a Chinese home, and I have not yet seen one that was more than just adequate. Quite the opposite from an American home. The only real only downfall in this one is no oven! I'll have to get creative to make pizza.

Master Bedroom. Not huge, but cosy and clean with a queen bed. At the far end is another sunroom with a few plants and a cozy chair.

Here's the view from outside. My apartment is in the upper right with the light on. Establishments below me from left to right: Spa, Liquor Store, another Spa. Hmmmm.

Thanks Larry, Scarlet, GG and Mayan! I took them out to dinner at my favorite Korean BBQ place to celebrate. Very nice meal and lots of good vibes.

Wow, this really feels like home. I'm happy.


Anonymous said...

So glad you are happy. New place looks wonderful! Good riddance to that hotel.
Smile :) T

Chirona said...

Can I come chill at your place?!

kevinreitz said...