Friday, July 25, 2008

Be Fine Sexy

I went to the Visa Office this wednesday. I've finally got everything sorted out for my 12 month work visa! Big load off my mind. Couple that with moving into my new apartment (read: out of the hotel) on Sunday and everything's coming up Kev!

Anyway, this lady waiting in a nearby line at the office was wearing a great shirt. I studied the words on the back of her shirt for a long time. I was mesmerized. I even tried to take a picture of it, but a security guard pounced on my efforts and told me to put my camera away. *Sigh*

Anyway, I had to know what the front said. Clearly the thought is unfinished, but i couldn't think of anything that would appropriately end this fragment. Well, as is the nature of lines, I had to wait in mine and couldn't follow her when she was through. But I did catch a glimpse of the front, and it just said "BE FINE SEXY" in big bold letters. Nothing else. Awesome.

Well, i still wanted a photo and I was angry with the security guard. I did a quick search through the office as i was leaving but couldn't find her. Just as i was walking out the door i thought, if there's any justice in the universe, you'll bring this lady back to me. Sure enough, there she was waiting outside the building.

The message here is clear enough. It's both thought provoking and beautiful. Words to model your life by. I do have one small question though. What the hell could this possibly mean?


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Anonymous said...

Kev, mate, check out and you'll see similar, very philosophical examples from across the Sea of Japan.