Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cameras are fun!

This week has been intense. I've been really overloaded at work and there's no sign of relief to come, but i'm plugging along. Getting to the office early and staying late is burning me out, so i haven't had much time to attend to the blog. Nor have i really had anything to report on, given the workload. But, remember that camera class i was talking about? With Benj? Remember?

I went! And it was really good. This new Canon of mine is absolutely sweet, but it has many more functions than i know what to do with. Until now! Now i know what to do with them!

The class was held at a place called The Hutong. The Beijing hutongs are pretty famous. They are the small alleyways off the main streets that wind deep into the unknown. Mostly, the streets are lined with wall to wall shops and restaurants. The only way "in" is via one of these hutongs. It's a whole different world back there. Pretty soon, i'll set aside time to explore one area with my camera, and i'll no doubt report back with my findings. Anyway, The Hutong is a really cool house and the residents rent the space to people giving independent classes.

Here are some random pictures of things when i was trying new settings and features. There's a self portrait in there, a picture of The Hutong patio in full darkness, cool blurry shot of Benj in the hutong outside of The Hutong, one of the little tea room, and the Lamb and Chicken Kabobs i had for dinner.

Pretty cool evening for a wednesday. Not that i have anything against wednesdays. All you wednesday lovers, just keep your hate mail to yourself. I like "hump-day" just as much as the next guy. Maybe more.

Depending on how much he likes it, i guess.


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