Friday, January 1, 2010

The Adventures of Flat Peter

A few weeks ago, my sister sent me a request. Her son, Peter, has a project for his 3rd grade class and needs my help. He's supposed to make a flat version of himself and mail it to a friend or relative in a faraway place. Flat Peter then tours the city and checks out all the cool stuff. Flat Peter came to Beijing; Therese and i were his tour guides.

Flat Peter made it to Sanlitun, Ya Show, Nan Lou Gu Xiang, the Pink Party, and sampled many of Bejing's celebrated restaurants. Always cheerful and smiling, Flat Peter is a delight to have around. Also, he fits nicely into my pocket.

Flat Peter enjoying a few of Beijing's unique modes of transportation.

Flat Peter having dumplings on Gong Ti Bei Lu, and sushi at Hatsune on Christmas Eve. Side note: Hatsune is mind-blowingly good.

At the pink party.

Two of the colorful locals he met along the way...

Shopping for clothing at the "Fastest, Best, Bargainest" tailor in Ya Show.

Although Flat Peter must now return to his home, he will not be forgotten, for the lives he touched along his journey are many, his good deeds countless, his flatness two-dimensional. In Beijing, Flat Peter's legend will live on. Godspeed, little buddy.


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