Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Scalarious Catfights

At the risk of turning this blog into a weekly update of my pets, i'd like to invite you all to meet the latest addition, Maze. Xiao Mei Mei (most appropriately translated as Little Sister) is the newest arrival to the home. As Barbie prepared to return to the USA, she made a startling discovery: she could only take one of her cats home. Because Xiao Mei Mei didn't have any documentation, they couldn't verify her shots were current and she was forced to choose Pi. This left XMM behind and now we have a second cat. The plan is still to mail (!!!) XMM to the states. Barbie is working on that avenue, but while she's taking residence in our pad, she's been christened Maze (two mei's = one maze).

Maze and Muse are the best of friends. Here they are hanging out near their favorite chair. With Flat Peter.

Here we see Muse giving Maze a little kiss. On the jugular. With her teeth.

Here they are hugging each other. About the face. With their claws.

Here we see Muse in a moment of pre-strike contemplation, with Maze prepared in her Jiu Jitsu bottom guard.

Don't do it Muse... it will end badly for you.

HAHAHA. It's both hilarious and scary. It's scalarious.


...but in all seriousness... they are just playing.

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