Monday, December 14, 2009

Barbie's Goodbye Pink Party

Lauren Reed, or Barbie, to those in the Beijing Ultimate Community, is leaving Beijing. Next Monday, she returns to DC for grad school, ending a four year stay in the north capital. To send her off right, we gathered for an event, steeped in Beijing tradition, famous throughout Asia: The Pink Party. The concept of Pink Party is simple: wear pink. For Therese and I, we decided to take it to another level. We went to Yashow to have a suit and dress tailored for the occasion. The results were tremendous.

For Him:
  • Tailored Two-Piece Suit - 500 RMB
  • Tailored Shirt - 100 RMB
  • Pink Converse All Stars - 70 RMB
  • Fedora - 20 RMB
  • Sunglasses - 20 RMB
  • Bow Tie - 15 RMB
  • Belt - 20 RMB
Total Cost: 745 RMB ~ $110

For Her:
  • Dress - 550 RMB
  • Two feather boas - 30 RMB
  • Sunglasses - 25 RMB
  • Shoes - 210 RMB
  • Pink and Black stockings - 20 RMB
  • Pink Silk Handbag - 25 RMB
Total cost: 860 RMB ~ $125

The night started with dinner at Raj's Indian Buffet including bottomless beer. We basically owned the entire restaurant for the evening, with about 50 in attendance. People came out in style.

Some notable efforts:

Below we have Sandy, Michael and Jehan on the left, and Joe, Sandy, and Jim on the right.

--Jehan is sporting a very fashionable Playboy Fedora and matching tie combo. The simple shirt choice allows the tie to pop off the flat black background.
--Michael is showing his sensitive side in his pink "CANDY" tank-top and floral scarf. He finishes the ensemble with comfortable pajama bottoms.
--Sandy's trendy outfit (designed by Andrew "Baby Girl" Moffat) is basically just a few Piglet stuffed animals, gutted, and skewered by her legs. Also, there's a huge, upside-down pig on her body, and her head is coming out of its butt.
--Jim and Joe came wearing very different outfits but, eventually, they ended up as the same person, as usual.
--Baby Girl (below) wore a cute little number (designed by Sandy) featuring a lovely, form-fitting négligée, pink tights, and a pink swimming cap. It takes a confident man and a lot of beer to wear this in public.

Therese and I (and Flat Peter) in our aforementioned awesomeness.

After the unlimited free beer turned into limited unfree beer, we moved the party to Wiggly Jiggly's (worst bar name ever?) in NLGX. We drank all the tequila they had (both bottles), most of which was done as body shots off of Barbie. The rest were done off of Liz, who was enjoying her last night after a semester in Beijing.

Barbie, Liz, and Ellen

Stay in school, my nieces and nephews! Uncle Kevin is proud of you!

Jeff and Gareth

My girl

Jeff and Happy Rat

Barbie and Joe, demonstrating that two people can wear one pair of Five Ultimate shorts.

Good times. Barbie- We'll miss you!


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Anonymous said...

Wow! Kevin, you and Therese look great in your pink outfits!!!
The Dad