Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tao does it again

I don't know where Tao gets the time and energy to take on projects of this magnitude, let alone see them through to such impressive results, but if he ever finds a way to harness this energy for the powers of evil, God help us all.

Last Saturday, Tao previewed at Wiggly Jiggly (confirmed: worst bar name ever) the Beijing Ultimate 2009 Slideshow. It's pretty impressive and hilarious, even if you aren't in the community. I suggest you grab a beer and popcorn, huddle the family around the computer, and let yourself be entertained for the evening for about 23 minutes. Or longer, if you have a slow internet connection!

Click here for links to all three parts of the slideshow.

If you need further entertainment, as an encore, i would suggest checking out Tao's previous work: The Jim Show.

The Jim Show disclaimer:


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