Monday, January 4, 2010

Winter Wonderland

No, that's not Denver after one of its weekly storms. That is Larry and Scarlet's patio on Sunday. Beijing was pummeled for roughly 16 hours, totaling 8 inches of snowfall. That's nothing to a Colorado resident. That is, quite literally, expected every week.

This is all pretty amazing, though. To put it in perspective, check out this China Daily article. Lowest temperatures in half a century, heaviest snowfall in decades, 3,500 schools closed. Beijing did not know what to do. According to, Beijing averages about one inch total, in the months from November through March. Last year we had about a quarter inch all winter.

Today, Monday temperatures dropped to nearly 0°F and winds were steady. Couple that with Beijing taxi drivers' relative inexperience in snowy conditions, and the result is a long, slow, unpleasant commute today. None of that really matters though, because i'm still really happy.

For our part, therese and i had an awesome weekend. We wrapped up a long holiday

weekend, in which we celebrated our one year anniversary amid the New Years Eve celebrations. Dinner was incredible, spent at the Spanish-themed Saffron. Later, to Ellen's party to ring in the new year with friends. That was just Thursday.

The rest of the weekend, three more days, were spent relaxing, shopping, sleeping, hanging out with friends, playing epic games of catan, watching movies, playing with cats and massages.

It was one of the most perfect weekends in recent memory, and a spectacular way to start the year. I think this one is going to be amazing.


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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! We can't find your email address, but wanted to be sure to send you hugs and kisses. Love, Mike, Jen, Erin and Nathan.