Sunday, August 16, 2009

Larke's Cavalcade of Indian Delights Goodbye Dinner

A Group Hug. (Left to Right: Larke, Ace, Jehan, Lauren, Me, Margaret, Brian, Talia)

Saturday night was Larke's goodbye dinner. These events have become very common in Beijing, as no one seems to stay forever. People come for a summer or a semester and then return to their roots. It takes a special kind of person to leave the comforts of your home and experience a foreign land... a free-spirit, an adventurer, an open-minded individual. I'm drawn to this kind of person. I've made some amazing friends here, some of the best in all my life. But everyone leaves. Including me. I've got another year here, maybe a little longer. Such is the life of a transient community, wonderful, beautiful people come through, but no one stays forever.

This brings us to Larke, the perfect example of someone who comes, makes a lasting impression on everyone she meets, and then resumes "life". Ace and i hosted her goodbye party for 14 people, an indian feast. Larke is a fantastic cook and i, as her apprentice, studied the secrets to indian food. I also inherited all her spices! Go team!

So the food was delicious, the beers were plentiful, the mojitos were strong, and the company was filled with love. Onto the pictures:

Alica, Larke, Helen

The Wu Crew. Notice the W's.

Weirdness against the glass wall.

Andy attempting to catch a fish to feed to the turtles. Although he thought it was just a game to catch fish. He was sad when the turtles dismembered it.

Feed Me!

Lauren doesn't drink, but since perfecting my mojitos, people find them hard to resist.

Margaret gets a free haircut from Hsing-Hui.

A lovely couple.

Another lovely couple.

Jehan and Lauren making nice.

So much Love.



jessica said...

helen is very sweet and jehan you and tom cruise looks like as if you are twins so be aware of your fans


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Larke said...

That was an awesome night! Thanks all to those who came and suckers to all those who missed my Indian feast. Missing the Jing!