Friday, August 28, 2009

Fall is Upon Us

I haven't mentioned the Ultimate Frisbee Summer League yet, but it just ended this weekend. My team went into the tournament #1 out of four teams. We lost our first game, won our second and finished ranked #3. No worries, it's just summer league. But the end of summer league also heralds the beginning of fall, the most pleasant season in Beijing. Frisbee golf in Chaoyang park, early evening chuar and beers in the hutongs, drinks on rooftop patios, mild bike rides through the city, and that perfect temperature you cannot feel with your skin. From mid-August through October, Beijing is delightful. It's upon us already with temps hovering at 80F all week.

Saturday was a raucous evening, the Summer League Party. We rented a party bus, went for dinner, gathered at a friends bar for further drinks, and checked out The Redbucks, Chris Boehner's bluegrass band. Jim wins the award (as usual) for "Wildest and Most Frequently Nude" person. Jim's a funny little guy, a constant bundle of energy. Here are four reasons why Jim reminds me of a little puppy: he IS a source of entertainment, he's always happy, you rarely see him sitting still and he's usually the center of attention.

Presenting: JIM

Body shots off Jim. Notice he's already not wearing pants.

Jim crammed into the overhead compartment on our bus.

Jim coming down from the compartment.

Joe's personal goal of the night was to make strange faces in as many pictures a possible. Here's a selection:

That last one is just plain scary.

Speaking of Joe, this weekend Joe and I will be guiding our first trip as employees of Back Country Beijing. We'll be taking 7 people (including Ace!) up to Jiankou, the section of the Great Wall we've been camping on. More details on that after it happens.


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