Monday, August 10, 2009

Golden Pineapple Youth Hostel

Ace and i went into the youth hostel around the corner to ask a few questions. My parents and brother are coming to Beijing in October and my parents are planning to stay there. Ace an i went to check it out, ask a few questions, ensure there are no problems, ensure it's parent caliber. Here's a transcript, more or less, of our conversation, all conducted in English:

Me: Hi. My parents are coming for a week in October. I'd like to see a room please.
Her: Ok, which room do you want?
Me: (scanning the choices) I guess a king room or a standard.
Her: (without consulting any books) Those are all booked right now. I only have a Deluxe to show you.
Me: Ok, let's look at that.

---climbing two flights of stairs and snaking down many hallways---

Me: This is a great room. How much is it?
Her: It should be at least 300RMB.
Me: Um... the price downstairs said 580.
Her: Yes, that's before the discount.
Me: Oh. Ok. So how much is it again?
Her: At least 300 RMB.
Me: At least 300?
Her: Yes.
Me: So how much IS it?
Her: 300.
Me: It's 300 per night?
Her: Yes.
Me: Hmmm.
Me: (pause)
Me: Do all rooms have bathrooms and do you take credit cards?
Her: Yes and Yes.

---back downstairs---

Me: Ok, we want to make a reservation.
Her: Great, i think it's best if you come back 1 week or 2 days before.
Me: Wait, what? Why?
Her: We need to make sure it's available.
Me: Why would it not be available?
Her: There might be another reservation.
Me: But! I want to be that other reservation. When can I make a reservation?
Her: You should come back 1 week before.
Me: How about two weeks?
Her: I think that's also ok.
Me: One month?
Her: Ok, that's fine.
Me: How about right now?
Her: Ok. But you need to pay a 100RMB ($15) deposit.
Me: Wonderful.


Her: Which room do you want?
Me: The King Room.
Her: That one has no window.
Me: That's ok. How much is it?
Her: At least 260RMB.
Me: (sigh) So it's 260RMB?
Her: Yes. But it has no window.
Me: I understand that. Ok, we want that one.
Her: Ok. (Writes receipt for "Booking King Size Room No Window).

Reservation made. We found it very interesting that these people seem to be actively NOT wanting our business. They just have no process for planning ahead or scheduling. So odd.



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Yea! We have a room! What; no window?