Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Updated Cuteness of Turtles

So.... our turtles are really cute. There, i said it.

They are also living with us now, permanently. We decided it was too stressful on them to keep moving back and forth between classroom and our sweet pad. We are going to keep Sprink/Splish and Sprunk/Splash, and buy new ones for the classroom.

We have been reading about them a lot, and learning all about the quirks and habits of the Red Ear Slider. Did you know they are avid baskers and need a UV lamp and a heat lamp over their basking area? We didn't! Did you also know you need about 10 gallons or aquarium per inch of turtle shell? Us neither! We figure we have about 5 inches of turtle, between the two. Right now, we have a 10 gallon tank. This weekend, we will buy a 50 gallon tank, water filters, lamps, and some stuff to build a sweet basking area.

Some Red Ear Sliders are territorial and do not share space well. Ours do not have this problem.

Pretty soon we'll be feeding them minnows and other small fish or worms.

Right now they have a tequila bottle and some bricks as their accoutrements. They seem pretty happy.


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Jim said...

Unfortunately they are a noxious pest in Australia as released pets can breed out of control and displace native species. They do look cute 'though.