Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Random Pictures from the Past Month

Posting has been sporadic lately. I've fallen behind and have only really been covering the big news. I have a few pictures that, alone, have not moved me to post. Combine them however, and they become more powerful than ever imaginable!!! Or at least worthy of their own post. Not that i got anything else going on.


How this guy doesn't slip and fall from a great height onto the many tables and chairs below is beyond me. I was hypnotized. Is it really important to clean all the way back in that dark corner? Are step ladders not in the budget these days? Do you have workman's comp?


We have turtles now. Sometimes. Therese bought them for her classroom at school. They come stay with us on weekends and holidays. We are their vacation home. We sing them songs in silly childish voices and they feed from our hands. It's really cute. They have names. Actually, multiple names. Therese calls them Sprink and Sprunk. I call them Splish and Splash. I'm not sure which is which.

The Stone Boat

Therese and i had an awesome Saturday a few weeks ago. We had no plans and spent the entire day together. We went to Chef 2 for breakfast, ran some errands, relaxed, and saw some live music. For dinner, we checked out The Stone Boat in Ritan Park. Beautiful setting, small and quaint, "floating" on a lake. The food was simple and the beer was great. We watched a three-piece gypsy jazz band, two guitars, one accordion. The pictures below were taken by a German couple we sat next to. They were visiting Beijing for two days after a 140 hour train ride on the Trans-Siberian railroad. The first picture is of us. The second picture is of us, after the guy took about 9 of the same picture by holding the button down. I'm caught mid-lunge for the camera.

One more picture from inside Ritan Park.

Blue Skies

Last, an example of the many beautiful skies we've been granted in Beijing lately. We've been getting some rain, followed by glory.


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