Saturday, July 18, 2009


This has been a pretty exciting week so far, but Very hard work: new projects reaching their prime, a trip to tianjin, and long hours. But outside of work, i finally made a commitment to the Singapore tournament in August.

Beijing and Shanghai are (for the first time ever?) combining teams to send one China team. It's going to be long 6-hour haul to get there, but it should be worth it. I've cleared the time with work (thanks scarlet!) and i'm about ready to buy a ticket. I hear the tournament is great, and even though it's smack in the middle of monsoon season, it should be fantastic.

I also hear they are predicting rain.

I've been helping a little with the logistics too, in my spare time... settling up on-line polls to decide on a team name, helping with rosters, and designing the Jersey logos. I made two designs and let people decide which they wanted. Check 'em out:

People liked both of them so we are putting the sock on the light jersey and the chick on the dark. Awesome... thanks to Zahlen and Five Ultimate.

The team name is China United Ultimate Party, a throwback to the communist-era CCCP, PLA, or USSR. I've never made a jersey design before, but i'm pretty excited with how they turned out and i'm looking forward to my next project. I do a lot of photo touch-ups at work so i'm getting pretty good at it.

So yeah, three weeks til game time. I can't wait, i need a vacation.


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