Saturday, July 11, 2009

Still more Great Wall adventures

As anticipated, ace and i went camping again over 4th of July weekend. This time we were blessed with Adie, Steph and Ken's 3 month old puppy. Ordinary activities are more enjoyable when puppies are involved. It's a fact. I don't believe this to be always true for dogs, but puppies: fact.

Knowing this from previous experience, ace and i commandeered said puppy for the ride up. Adie took to me right away and slept in my arms for a good hour. Then we played.

Over lunch we caught a rare glimpse of the inner workings of Lincoln's brain. Lincoln is one of the guides, and one of my teammates on Big Brother. He's a fun dude and has never had a negative word to say about anyone. Here's what goes on inside his head (this also happens to be his wallet, slight coincidence)...

Even the rainbow has a freakin smiley face. I do feel bad for the house though, as it as not having nearly as much fun. Probably because it's face is melting off Picasso-style.

On the wall, we enjoyed the clean air and peaceful surroundings. No Hatchet Man or Cooler Dude, although it did downpour for about an hour. A few random pictures to commemorate the event.

All in all, another very relaxing time. Now we're ready for a weekend at home. This Saturday's agenda: tailor, haircut, and bike mechanic. Feel the excitement!


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