Monday, June 2, 2008

Běihǎi and The Market

Well, the only downside of having an incredible and busy weekend is the lack of time to blog about it. So, it's monday now and i'm going to wisk you back to friday and saturday nights. Larry, GG, myself and the previously mentioned Mario went to dinner at a really sweet place in town. It's called Běihǎi, which literally means "Northern Sea". It's a series of lakes and gardens built in the 10th century behind the royal palace. It's a really cool place to spend an evening, the restaurants are trendy, the bars are upbeat, live music abounds, and I'm pretty sure i can be found there if I'm not at home, at work or playing frisbee.

Also, one could deduce from these pictures that Mario likes Larry and hates beer. I assure you, Mario likes beer just as much as, if not more than, Larry.

So saturday and sunday were spent playing vast amounts of frisbee in perfect weather. But I'll cover that in a seperate post. I want to share a few more pictures from saturday night in a small subdivision east of Beijing. While waiting for Lauren to get ready for the frisbee party, I grabbed my camera and wandered the street below. I headed down one random alley and found myself in a massive farmers market, just one street back from the main road. Fresh vegetables, fruit, spices and grains were everywhere. I walked around taking photos and sharing them with the locals via the review feature on my camera. Everyone was curious and friendly, but no one questioned my purpose or acted threatened by my presence. These little markets exist everywhere, but sometimes you need to take the unknown path to find them.
The last three pictures here and the first two of Běihǎi were taken with a long shutter time. It was pretty dark but the shots came out great. I love my camera.

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